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English Language Teaching Techniques



Teaching English effectively entails acquiring and using various techniques drawn on different teaching methods and approaches. This course aims to provide opportunities to English teachers to improve their techniques in the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), as well as vocabulary acquisition and learn about the differences between speaking and conversation classes.


Reading: the importance of predicting, contextualising, skimming, scanning and pre, while and post activities; flash fiction using practical activites; encouraging intensive and extensive reading.

Writing: motivating students to write; brainstorming ideas and planning; guided writing and following models; practical activities; editing and proof-reading.

Vocabulary: tiers of vocabulary and how they relate to instruction; practical activities to develop productive and receptive vocabulary.

Listening: listening to understand and listening for language learning, activities for top-down and bottom-up processing, listening strategies, noticing and restructuring activities.

Speaking practice; conversational language; the grammar of speaking; holistic intelligibility.

Developing accuracy and fluency simultaneously; collocational competence and lexical appropriateness.


Jane Godwin Coury is from the UK and has lived in São Carlos, Brazil since 1994. Since arriving in Brazil, she has worked closely with the academic community and has helped academics from exact sciences and humanities to publish in international journals and conferences. She has worked as a copyeditor for academic journals and has translated and edited books for Brazilian researchers. Jane holds a Master´s in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from Leicester University in the UK. She has also written material for academic writing courses at the University of São Paulo and the Federal University of São Carlos.

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Stephan Hughes is from Trinidad and Tobago and is an English Language Teacher, trainer and adjunct lecturer, based in Rio de Janeiro. He has been learning to teach a new lesson every time he steps into a classroom for the last 23 years and lately has set his efforts on equipping teachers with the language proficiency, the methodological know-how, the digital literacy and social emotional skills to thrive in the classroom today.

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Kristina Speakes is from the USA and is a doctoral student in Education at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo where she studies English language instruction in Brazilian private schools. She also has master's degrees in Education and in Applied Linguistics. She has been teaching English language, linguistics and language pedagogy for over 20 years, having taught in universities, both public and private schools, as well as language institutes in Japan, the US and Brazil. Kristina is currently an 8th grade English teacher. Her research focuses on bilingual and elite education.


Sobre o curso

Curso livre 100% online voltado para professores. Ministrado em inglês. As aulas são ao vivo e não ficam gravadas.

Duração total: 1 mês e meio

Carga horária: 12 horas

Plataforma: Zoom

Investimento: R$ 390,00 (em até 3x no cartão)

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