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Games and Activities

for the Online Classroom

(Very young learners)

Keep very young learners engaged with games while effectively developing target language and skills!

ESL games and activities keep children actively engaged in their learning during online instruction. However, teachers must not merely entertain, but use games strategically to develop young learners’ target language. In this course, you’ll learn a series of digital and realia-based ESL games for teaching English online to preschoolers (ages 4-6) as well as the pedagogical theory behind their use.    

Course Curriculum

Module 1    Theory Behind Using Games with Preschoolers Online
Module 2    Setting Up Your Physical and Virtual Space
Module 3    Online Games for Vocabulary and Grammar Lessons
Module 4    Online Group Games for Very Young Learners

Games VYL.png

Learning Objectives

When you graduate, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the language skills that can be learned through the use of games and activities with very young learners in the virtual classroom

  • Discuss the pedagogy and research that support the use of online games and activities with very young learners (ages 4-6)

  • List the organizational steps and planning stages for online games and activities

  • Compare and contrast online game and activities appropriate for private versus group lessons with very young learners

  • Find, create, and present effective digital games and activities for very young learners in the online classroom

  • Find, create, and present effective realia-based games and activities for very young learners in the online classroom

Requirements to take this course:


  • 18 years of age.

  • An intermediate or higher level of English proficiency (B1 level, according to the CEFR, the Common European Framework Reference for Language).

  • Teaching experience or a general TEFL/TESOL certificate (recommended).


100% Online
Start anytime and work from any device.

Personal tutor
Get feedback and ask questions throughout the course.

Flexible schedule
Work at your own pace - complete in as little as 3 weeks!


Interactive content
Instructional videos, downloadable resources, quizzes & activities, and discussion board.

Certificate of completion

Qualify for jobs teaching online with a specialized certification.

Explore the course features

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Dynamic Content

Teaching Videos

Downloadable Resources

Support from TEFL/TESOL experts

Teaching Online Games and Activities Suite (TOGAS©) eBook

You’ll receive our TOGAS© eBook (Teaching Online Games and Activities Suite) featuring 16 fun and engaging educational games you can use with your online students! TOGAS© content has been carefully designed to include a mix of digital and realia-based activities linked to language-based skills and learning outcomes specific to this age group.


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