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Curso online

Pronunciation for

English-Speaking Professionals


Every person who works with English every day knows how important and strategic it is to sound clear, educated, and even charming. Teachers, interpreters, lecturers, secretaries, and all English-speaking professionals who impress their clients and employers with refined pronunciation always get the best working opportunities. With that in mind, this workshop will lead participants into English pronunciation features that will help them polish and raise their pronunciation to higher standards. Each aspect will be elicited, explained, and practiced. At the end of the session, participants will leave with great tips on English individual sounds, stress, and intonation both for teaching and self-improvement. 

Enrolment requirement: Students must have at least level B2 of English.

Sobre o professor

Elcio Souza has a B.A. in Translation and Interpreting, a B.A. in TEFL, and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from UNICAMP. He also holds an overarching DELTA from Cambridge University. His 31-year teaching experience includes students of all ages and levels at language institutes, regular schools and universities at both undergrad and graduate programs. Elcio has presented several lectures and workshops for teachers in Brazil and abroad. As an ELT-Pronunciation master coach, Elcio has been training in-service teachers, coordinators, and teacher trainers for 20 years. He currently tutors Pronunciation, CELTA, and other teacher education courses in Brazil.

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Sobre o curso

Curso livre 100% online voltado para professores, intérpretes, secretários etc. que trabalhem com a língua inglesa. Ministrado em inglês. As aulas são ao vivo e não ficam gravadas.

Carga horária: 3 horas

Plataforma: Zoom

Investimento: R$ 130,00



Maria Teresa Stefani

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