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Pronunciation Autonomy: Word Stress 

Are you good at identifying syllables in English? Do you sometimes have trouble finding the correct stress in English words? Join us and discover the easy world of English Word Stress. In this workshop, you will analyze some word stress patterns and develop a "relaxing" way to learn, practice, and even teach word stress. You will understand why Brazilians tend to misplace stress in certain words and how to correct them. Participants will be made aware of the natural stress pattern of English, some lexical stress patterns, and several stress-imposing suffixes. In order to help you improve your pronunciation during the session, you will need a good camera and a microphone. 

Pronunciation Challenge - mastering words and patterns that are tricky to pronounce

There are several English words we Brazilians mispronounce in a way that is hard to understand. Join us in this workshop, find out which words they are, and check if you pronounce them correctly! Participants will be engaged in identifying each problem, why it happens, and how to correct it. The session will focus on spelling-pronunciation patterns and teaching techniques which will help you accurately predict and even teach the right sounds. At the end of the session, you will sound more advanced, more elegant, and clearer to all speakers of English. In order to help you improve your pronunciation during the session, you will need a good camera and a microphone. 


Pronouncing Grammar: past, present, plural, possessive, etc - how to master them 
This workshop is perfect for those who feel that their grammar is better than their pronunciation. We will start with the basics: how to pronounce the Simple Past (ED and some particular irregular verbs which are usually mispronounced). Then we will move on to S/ES/'s (Simple Present, Plural, and Possessive Case) and see how important it is to pronounce them correctly so that those words are not confused with other similar words. Finally, we will check some other grammar patterns (modals and auxiliary verbs) and how to pronounce them naturally in both formal and informal contexts (connected speech). In order to help you improve your pronunciation during the session, you will need a good camera and microphone.


Enrolment requirement: Students must have at least level B2 of English.

Sobre o professor

Elcio Souza has a B.A. in Translation and Interpreting, a B.A. in TEFL, and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from UNICAMP. He also holds an overarching DELTA from Cambridge University. His 31-year teaching experience includes students of all ages and levels at language institutes, regular schools and universities at both undergrad and graduate programs. Elcio has presented several lectures and workshops for teachers in Brazil and abroad. As an ELT-Pronunciation master coach, Elcio has been training in-service teachers, coordinators, and teacher trainers for 20 years. He currently tutors Pronunciation, CELTA, and other teacher education courses in Brazil.

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Sobre o curso

Curso livre 100% online voltado para professores, intérpretes, secretários etc. que trabalhem com a língua inglesa.

Oficina prática ministrada em inglês, requer que os alunos liguem a câmera e o microfone. As aulas são ao vivo e não ficam gravadas.

Carga horária: 9 horas

Dias e horários: sábados 25/09, 16/10 e 06/11, das 14h30 às 17h30

Plataforma: Zoom

Investimento: R$ 330,00 (até 3x no cartão)

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