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Curso online

Young Learners:

from Face-to-Face to

Online Teaching

Pedagogical Transitions for Young Learners and Teenagers Teachers



We are all faced with a new reality and if you are still unsure as to how to provide adequate, enjoyable and useful lessons for your Young Learners and Teenagers, this course is for you. We will also discuss aspects concerning tools and best practices, age-appropriateness, and theory in order to effectively apply transformative teaching practices when transitioning from face-to-face to online teaching.


- Early Years (2-5 years old)
- Primary (6-10 years old)
- Secondary (11-17 years old)
- Theory and review exercises
- Takeaways and group presentations



Sobre o professor

Bruno teaches English at secondary, high school and graduate levels. He is an IB (International Baccaulaureate) certified teacher and has a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. As the Public Relations Coordinator for the Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group (YLTSIG/IATEFL) and as the Director at BrELT, he works with training and development for teachers. Bruno is also an ELTON Awards judge and is currently enrolled as a PhD student at UFRJ.

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Sobre o curso

Curso livre 100% online voltado para professores de língua inglesa.

Ministrado em inglês. As aulas são ao vivo e não ficam gravadas.

Duração total: 1 mês

Carga horária: 12 horas

Plataforma: Zoom

Investimento: R$ 390,00 (em até 3x no cartão)

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