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Curso online

Tools and Methodologies

for Remote Teaching


This short course equips participants with the theoretical and practical expertise to teach English in varied remote learning contexts. During the classes, students will learn and practice the use of different tools that can help them adapt to the online classroom environment. The presentation and discussion of theories on remote teaching will also enable participants to create and develop new ideas and tools for their own students.


- Video conferencing tools
- Classroom management, portfolio assessment and parental involvement
- Easy video-based discussions
- Integrating G Suite to learning
- Personalizing learning
- Notetaking and presentations
- Curation and content organization
- Animated learning
- Getting your bearings: from distance to remote learning
- Defining roles: student, teacher, coordinator, supervisor, parent, community
- Learner training in face-to-face and online contexts
- Language coaching: learning to learn
- Materials design in online teaching
- Student engagement and neuroeducation
- From TBL to experiential learning
- Formative assessment in online teaching

Sobre o professor

Stephan Hughes is an English Language Teacher, trainer and adjunct lecturer, based in Rio de Janeiro. He has been learning to teach a new lesson every time he steps into a classroom for the last 23 years and lately has set his efforts on equipping teachers with the language proficiency, the methodological know-how, digital literacy and social emotional skills to thrive in the classroom today.

Stephan Hughes 2.jpg

Sobre o curso

Curso livre 100% online voltado para professores de língua inglesa.

Ministrado em inglês. As aulas são ao vivo e não ficam gravadas.

Duração total: 1 mês

Carga horária: 12 horas

Plataforma: Zoom

Investimento: R$ 390,00 (em até 3x no cartão)

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